Ivy Healthcare




“There’s a great vibe about the place. I’m so happy my loved one is living there.”

Feedback like that doesn’t happen by accident.  The strong family feel and upbeat atmosphere in each facility are testimony to the attention to detail that goes into planning every day.  You deserve a lifestyle you can be proud of.  You’ll find that lifestyle at Ivy Healthcare.

Here’s a taste of what you can enjoy:

Music and Memory

Put on those headphones and take a trip down memory lane as we relive golden moments through music.

Gardening Club

A great opportunity for your green fingers. Grow, water, and care for your very own garden

Brain Games

A host of challenges, quizzes, and mental pursuits to keep your mind in shape


Keep your body in shape too and have a blast at the same time with a range of exercise classes, including dance and yoga.

Therapeutic Cooking

Taking care of yourself has never tasted so good! Stimulate your senses and satisfy your taste buds while cooking with your friends.

And More Activities!

Check out your local facility’s webpage for more activities that are tailored to your needs.

Food to make your mouth water, and keep your body strong

Choose from a menu

Choose from a menu of deliciously fresh food, served hot – just as you like it. Our licensed dieticians carefully review each menu to guarantee your diet is full of nutritional value. Our monthly food-themed feature meals will keep you smiling for days on end.

Your cuisine, your choice

Enjoy your food, exactly how you like it best. Nothing warms the soul and heals the body like the taste of your favorite dish. That’s why we hold monthly meal-planning meetings with our residents, so you can create a menu that works for you.

Pleasure for every pallet

Everyday Menu

When it comes to food, some of us are more creatures of habit than others. You don’t like what’s on offer on any given day? Or maybe you just crave a grilled cheese sandwich? Choose from a selection of classic favorites, always available on our ‘Everyday Menu’.

Your cuisine, your choice

Invite family & friends for a meal
Vegetarian options available
Special diets welcome!
Birthday Party celebrations

A good laugh is the best cure in the book

To get back to your best, you need to have a good time. Engaged minds and active bodies heal faster. Spending quality time with your friends does wonders to lift you up when you need a boost. Our newly revamped calendars are full of engaging activities so you’ll always have something to look forward to.

Why Do People Love Us?

You cannot imagine how much I appreciate having your facility care for my mom.  She has received the most wonderful care and consideration not only from your employees but from you and your administrative staff.  Your attention to your residents and employees, along with your attention to every care detail is what makes your facility outstanding.
Resident’s Daughter, The Ivy at Gastonia
I live here and I love it here.  The staff is taking very good care of me.  We have really good nurses, and the new administrator is fantastic.  I love all the activities that the activities director does.  Everyone cares about the residents.  I would not want to be anywhere else.
Resident of The Ivy at Gastonia