“There’s a great vibe about the place.  I’m so happy my loved one is living there.”

Feedback like that doesn’t happen by accident.  The strong family feel and upbeat atmosphere in each facility are testimony to the attention to detail that goes into planning every day.  You deserve a lifestyle you can be proud of.  You’ll find that lifestyle at Ivy Healthcare.

Food to make your mouth water, and keep your body strong

Choose from a menu of deliciously fresh food, served hot – just as you like it.  Our licensed dieticians carefully review each menu to guarantee your diet is full of nutritional value.

Our weekly omelette stations and monthly food-themed feature meals will keep you smiling for days on end.

Your cuisine, your choice

Enjoy your food, exactly how you like it best.  Nothing warms the soul and heals the body like the taste of your favorite dish.  That’s why we hold monthly meal-planning meetings with our residents, so you can create a menu that works for you.

Pleasure for every pallet

When it comes to food, some of us are more creatures of habit than others.  You don’t like what’s on offer on any given day?  Or maybe you just crave a grilled cheese sandwich?  Choose from a selection of classic favorites, always available on our ‘Everyday Menu’.

A good laugh is the best cure in the book

To get back to your best, you need to have a good time.  Engaged minds and active bodies heal faster.  Spending quality time with your friends does wonders to lift you up when you need a boost.  Our newly revamped calendars are full of engaging activities so you’ll always have something to look forward to.

Here’s a taste of what you can enjoy:

Music and Memory
Put on those headphones and take a trip down memory lane as we relive golden moments through music.

Gardening Club

A great opportunity for your green fingers. Grow, water, and care for your very own garden

Brain Games

A host of challenges, quizzes, and mental pursuits to keep your mind in shape


Keep your body in shape too and have a blast at the same time with a range of exercise classes, including dance and yoga.

Therapeutic Cooking

Taking care of yourself has never tasted so good! Stimulate your senses and satisfy your taste buds while cooking with your friends.

Robotic Pet Therapy

Build your sense of calm and happiness with the companionship, affection, and love that only animals can give you.

You’ll always find exciting, fun and stimulating activities happening at our centers.

Bingo Movie Night Book Club Arts & Crafts
Hair Salon Day Nail Salon Day Music & Dancing Art & Painting

Even outside of our scheduled programming hours, there’s still plenty available to keep you busy:

When you get out and about, you get better

The Great Outdoors has always been a great healer.  At our Ivy Centers, you’ll enjoy delicious outdoor BBQs, fun carnivals, gardening, and many more exciting events.

On special occaions, you can look forward to trips, and off-site events on our specialty equipped vehicles.

Flatscreen Cable TV
Watch your favorite shows whenever you want

Your room.  Your home.

When you come to the Ivy, you bring your home with you.  You can even decorate your room with personal touches to make it feel just right.

Our staff goes over and beyond to help make the transition, and your stay, as comfortable as possible.  For example, one of our residents loves birds – so we placed a birdcage outside of his window so he could watch them all the time.  That’s the level of attention to detail you can expect from us all the time.

Weekly Laundry Service

Feel fresh, and always look your best.


“Not only is this my home, this is where I enjoy being”

“I live at THe Ivy at Davenport nursing home and I have been here since September 22nd 2020.  I truly love it here – the staff is very kind to me.  I have had no problems with anyone.  The two activities directors are a lot of fun, the nurses are awesome, and even the maintenance man is very kind and polite.  I really do give Ivy at Davenport 5 stars because not only is this my home, this is where I enjoy being.”

~ Myna Sykes, resident, The Ivy at Davenport